Jennifer Smith offers a unique & unconventional teaching style to the Atlanta Yoga community.


Alabama native and self-proclaimed introvert, Jennifer Smith is far from your traditional yoga teacher. Her introduction to yoga and the path that lead to her subsequent 18 year practice and 16 year teaching career was nothing if not haphazard.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University and spending several years living in Lake Tahoe, Jennifer went on to pursue an MBA at Georgia State University and subsequently entered the corporate world. While living in Tahoe, she went to LA to visit some college friends, among them, Ian Lopatin (of the rad clothing line “spiritual gangster”), who then convinced her to try a yoga class. That class belongs in the annals of most embarrassing moments, but it hooked her from the very first minute. She found some VHS tapes and began practicing on her own. It was not until halfway through business school that she found her first real teacher and began to practice with purpose.

Once in the workforce, Jennifer continued to cultivate her yoga practice. Before long, meetings were being rescheduled to ensure she had time for yoga class, and it became clear to Jennifer that her true interest was teaching and sharing yoga with others. She made the switch from corporate environment to yoga studio, and began teaching at OnlyYoga in the late 90’s. Jennifer has gone on to study under many senior teachers, including David Garrigues, with whom she has been studying under since 2011.

Jennifer’s entry into teaching is not the only unconventional thing about her…Jennifer’s teaching style offers students a unique yoga experience unlike anything many have experienced before. Her strong belief that basics are key to all the other asanas, she structures classes in a way that allows students to be curious, ask questions, learn and evolve in an approachable environment.

In each class Jennifer hopes her curiosity and enthusiasm for the asanas, as well as her belief in their power as aides in the search for the divine is contagious and lights a fire in her students – much like the fire sparked by her teacher. Regardless of your practice level or previous knowledge of asanas, Jennifer Smith welcomes you to join her for class where you are sure to walk away having learned, laughed, and worked hard.

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